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Support Service Provider (SSP)


We finally got our SSP (Support Service Provider) training done. If you have any personal business or activity that requires the assistance of an SSP, just contact SHEP and tell them the date and time, and they will assign an SSP to be your “eyes and ears.” 

www.SHEP-ok.org (look on DB Request Form for SSP Service link)  or email  timothy@shep-ok.org 


Here are some of the things an SSP can do for you:

Grocery shopping with you – read prices and labels, help you put food away when you get home

Christmas shopping with you – describe and read prices, sizes, etc.

Go to restaurant or cafeteria with you – read menu, describe all the yummy choices

Bowling or other recreational activities with you

Read your mail to you

Write checks to pay your bills (you will have to sign the checks yourself)

Interpret phone calls for you – VP or voice calls

Read the recipes to you while you cook Thanksgiving dinner

Attend church events with you – describe and interpret

Go to family gatherings with you –describe who is there and interpret

Go to social events with you – describe and interpret

Be your guide when it’s dangerous or hard to see

These are a few examples of what SSP can do for you.  If you want more information, you can call, text, or email SHEP.  Go to www.SHEP-ok.org and look on the Contact Us page.


SSP makes it possible for you to do the same things that hearing-sighted people can do.


There are really only two things an SSP can not do:

  1. 1.   SSP can not do your work for you.  For example, SSP can tell you where a dirty spot is on your wall, but they cannot wash the wall for you.
  2. 2.   SSP can not drive you to a place and drop you off.  If you need a ride, call a cab.  SSP must work for you by staying with you and telling you what is going on around you.


Call, email, or text today to schedule an SSP for your next trip to the store, doctor visit, or walk in the park.  SSPs are waiting to come and work for you.


-Drive to the designated locations and stops during the assignment.

-Go shopping with client

-Read client’s mail to him/her

-Interpret phone calls

-Church activities

-Social events

-Family gatherings

-Recreational activities

-Summarize what is being said

-Give opinion if asked from the DB person.

-Give environmental info

-Describe people, places

-Sighted guide, if needed




-Drive and drop client off and leave them alone

-Go shopping for client

-Answer letters for client


SSP does not perform any tasks FOR the client.  SSP provides information so that client is able to perform tasks for him or herself.  SSP is the “eyes and ears” of the client, not the arms and legs.




-Make calls for client

-Interpret formally

-Make decisions


SSP Certification Fee

Pay for SSP Training Registration 

SSP Training Fee

Our Business Hours

Mon, Wed, Thu :

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

*Fridays are reserved for processing, training, meetings, and payday check pick-up.

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