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Sight-Hearing Encouragement Program was launched in August 2011 by Cassandra Oakes, who is also deaf-blind. The goals of the program are to encourage independence, teaching the power of positive thinking and attitude, and advancing abilities and skills. We believe that there is “no limit” to life when each person find their passion or dream to fulfill it. We believe that life is what you make of it. This program provide referral services needed to further goals or ambitions and to receive equipments designed for the deaf-blind.   


S.H.E.P. strongly believes in having a positive mind and attitude in life, even when it becomes difficult. S.H.E.P. provides a 5-steps program in assessment about the deaf-blind and deaf way of thinking and doing things.  S.H.E.P. meets with each client individually, on the report of his/her output. The goal is to train each individual toward a better and helpful way of achieving his/her goal. Clients are given the opportunity to learn the basics of braille reading, computer skills, and tactile communication. We want the deaf-blind to leave this program with motivation and acceptance of their lives in making it a success. 


S.H.E.P. have other activities such as conferences, social meetings, workshops, motivational speaking engagements, trainings to educate people about deaf-blindness, etc. 


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Cassandra Oakes:


P.O. Box 12451

Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Text Only: 405-881-6329

Voice Mail: (877)-455-6151

E-mail: cassandra@shep-ok.org


Timothy Oakes:

Director/Vice President

Employment Resource Project Manager

Deaf-Blind Equipment Specialist 

P.O. Box 12451

Oklahoma City, OK 73157


E-mail: timothy@shep-ok.org


Hannah Fry

SHEP Office Manager

P.O. Box 12451

Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Telephone: (405) 470-4190 

Videophone: (405) 367-0053


Carol Hughes:

SHEP Employee

P.O. Box 12451

Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Telephone: (877)-455-6151

E-mail: carol@shep-ok.org

Alethea Grigsby:

Event Coordinator

P.O. Box 12451

Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Telephone: (877)-455-6151

E-mail: alethea@shep-ok.org

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*Fridays are reserved for processing, training, meetings, and payday check pick-up.

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