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My name is Cassandra Oakes. I am the President of Sight-Hearing Encouragement Program (SHEP) founded in 2011. I am Deaf-Blind and I am advocating for the Deaf-Blind community in achieving their independence and being successful in life. SHEP encourages and teaches the Deaf-Blind community to overcome barriers with their dual sensory loss with a positive mind and attitude about themselves and life in general. SHEP also provides Support Service Providers (SSP’s) to service Deaf-Blind people who are eligible clients under Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (OKDRS).


SHEP’s Support Service Provider program equips certified volunteers whom are the “eyes and ears” for the Deaf-Blind consumers. The SSP guides and explains environmental surroundings. This program helps Deaf-Blind people to make their own decisions and choices in life. It allows them to progress to a successful and independent future.  SHEP is a 401k non-profit organization. We are asking you to make a donation to help make a difference in the lives of the Deaf-Blind Community. Your donation will supply services to provide more Support Service Providers to Deaf-Blind consumers in the state of Oklahoma. Any amount will help immensely and will be greatly appreciated. We will be happy to acknowledge your donation on our website and numerous events, unless you prefer otherwise. We look forward to having you as one of our valued patrons.


We appreciate your time and patience in considering this opportunity to be a patron of Sight-Hearing Encouragement Program (SHEP). If you have any questions concerning our financial management or the program, please do not hesitate to contact me at Cassandra@shep-ok.org or info@shep-ok.org.




Cassandra Oakes

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