Words from Cassandra!

We had wonderful time at the Deaf-Blind Conference! Thank you to everyone who came to Wagoner and enjoyed the conference with us. We had games, horseback riding, crafts, boating, campfire with s'mores, fellowship, dance classes, and a huge party!

Now we are ready for the Thanksgiving party and then Christmas!


Be Blessed!

-Hannah Fry

Time for students to go back to school!

Remember to keep your thoughts positive and always do your best in everything you do. Keep practicing to build your knowledge and skill. Don't let "I can't do it" control you! Change your way of thinking and doing by saying, "I CAN do it!" You can always atleast say, "I will try!" If you fail, don't give up! Try again.
Whatever you say with your mouth, you are "proclaiming" to happen in your life! Start speaking positivity by bringing good things in your life to benefit you and for others. Regardless of whatever life throws your way, keep a positive mind and attitude about yourself and life in general!


-Cassandra Oakes



We hope everyone has a fun summer. Have fun! Get some exercise for a healthier body and drink lots of water to stay hydrated! Remember, life is short so enjoy every minute! Take some time to enjoy the beautiful creation God has made and enjoy the vibrant colors of all the flowers! Remember to smile and be kind to one another. Lending a helping hand to someone in need will bring the radiant beauty out of you!

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

-Cassandra Oakes



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