Donate to Sight Hearing Encouragement Program and help support our cause and achieve our mission.  Deafblind persons independence, research and education!

  • Your monetary gift allows SHEP to gather certified interpreters, supplies for events and help provide access to those in the Deafblind community. Your gift of money helps keep SHEP’s doors open while we can run smoothly and effectively.
  • Your gift of time allows SHEP to create the bridge between Deafblind children and adults for events. Your volunteer support assists SHEP staff in getting the day to day requirements of a work day completed.
  • Your gift of supplies means we can print informational brochures, teach someone to read, acquire a job, or have functioning technology to stay immersed in society.

Questions? Want to donate by phone? 

Call: (405) 455-1301

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Sight Hearing Encouragement Program

4917 Portland Ave

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We are a 501(C)(3) Certified OrganizationYour contribution is tax deductible. Tax ID: 45-1494393

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