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The success of providing these SSP services had always depended on the work of our workers and guides to make it possible for the delegates who were deaf-blind to work and socialize in an unfamiliar environment.  Once you become an SSP the duties and responsibilities will give ways for you to rise to a greater professional status. This will in turn help make it possible to set up programs and SSP services for people who are deaf-blind in your home communities and possibly areas outside of the Oklahoma City Metro.

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Certification Levels

Level 1: (Low vision, hard-of-hearing) Client uses vision, hearing, and voice to communicate.  

Level 2: (Blind, hard-of-hearing) Client requires sighted guide and verbal/signed environmental information.   

Level 3: (Blind and Deaf) Client requires sighted guide and environmental information delivered tactually by sign language and finger spelling.

To Pay by Mail by April 18th:

Print and mail application to:

Sight Hearing Encouragement Program

PO Box 10495

Oklahoma City, OK 73140


To Pay Online by April 18th:

Note: Select 'Pay Now' button below and simply type in amount in the next window for desired training level. Example: To register for level 2 training, simply type in $75.00 in price window and select Continue.


New SSPs:

Level 1 Training: $55.00  

Level 2 Training: $75.00  

Level 3 Training: $75.00


Active SSPs Refresher: $30

Inactive SSP Refresher: $40


Once we receive your application, someone from S.H.E.P. will notify you by email to confirm your confirmation and give you more information.

NOTE: All training must be paid before training starts. There are exceptions that can be made on a case by case basis.  Additionally, neither S.H.E.P. nor DRS will be responsible for lost or stolen property.