SHEP-Herd Program Clubs

SHEP-Herd Program is consists of several clubs in favor of empowering Deaf, HH and DeafBlind.  The goal of the clubs are to help improve our lifestyles in their daily living activities.  It also encourages building self-esteem by challenging and socializing with one another.  All of the clubs are Deaf-blind friendly and help advocate for inclusion by including sighted individuals to join.  We know that with this program we can display that individuals with dual sensory loss can build new useful skills. 

Move Club

This club is a walk-exercise class to move the body by walking to gain fitness in strength stability and flexibility to the body.  This club also will have a short warm up exercises to prepare the body from stiff muscles in preparation for the walk activities which include; mazes, neighborhoods, malls, parks  and race tracks.  DeafBlind can do this with their SSPs by provided with a custom walk rope or bar that connect to sighted person on one end and to the DeafBlind on another end with two feet of rope or bar between them as guide for the DeafBlind.  This will allows both sighted and Deaf-blind to be arm-holding free and enable to swing arms freely during walking.   We want Deaf-blind to move around instead of long sitting periods or lying around so long which can causes stiffness  numbness  and even imbalance as well as weakness due to lack of blood circulation in improving the body durability. 

Talk Club

This is a class where the Deaf-blind can learn some ASL and  POP "print on palm"  and Pro-tactile.   DeafBlind can learn these communications to help cut out much frustrations  misunderstandings  and lack of communication due to unable to converse with each others.  Oftentimes it become harder to scribble  communication on paper when ones sight continue to decline in vision or difficult to make clearly of what is there as eyes become weaker.  We aim to help  DeafBlind to have a better communication and understandings of what is happening environmentally.  DeafBlind will improve their ability to speak for and make choices or decisions themselves as well in public and private businesses in using SSP services.

This is a club that provides a safe place for DeafBlind to create arts and crafts in an productive and conducive environment. The club will allow attendees socialize with one another while creating unique items that they will be able to take home. Examples of crafts include: Christmas ornaments, tabletop pieces, knitted scarves and more!

Handiwork Club

Game Club

This club gives the DeafBlind a socializing atmosphere of fun times among old and new friends!  Our goal is to provide great entertainment, encourage challenging one another in games and involve each other in strategic thinking.  Deaf-blind strategy structures and plannings in decision-makings.  While other games can boost memory in sharpen it through games can also as a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction for the soul.  We want to provide an environment for Deaf, HH and DeafBlind to be included and laugh and shout and even express themselves during a game.   This club can even become a chat place for the all at the same while being entertained.   We strive for all Deaf, HH and DeafBlind from all walks of like to meet others and learn about on another in relating to their life purpose style as well in communication on the same level.   


Email us at if interested in joining these clubs!