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SHEP 2018 SSP Training

Attention everyone! SHEP need more volunteers and contractors in becoming an SSP to help the DB community especially in the rural and surrounding areas of Oklahoma! We need “hearing” SSPs for the elder DB who don't know or are still leaning sign and both sighted/Deaf and hearing from OKC and Tulsa surrounding. Let’s do a great service in helping the Deafblind to achieve their independence with the help of SSP! We couldn't do it without you! Come and register now and be a part of a great cause with the SHEP.


SHEP will be having another SSP training.

Date: January 20th
Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Where: Oklahoma City
Address: (Venue details coming soon)
Contact: Tim Oakes Sr.
Phone: 405.898.4660
Lunch: Lunch provided - free
Level 1 = $55
Level 2 = $75
Level 3 = $75 – must pass level 3 tester

Pass this on to all who wants to be a SSP. Post it on your Facebook. Tell them all. We are only going to accept MAX of 10 participants. That’s the top. This training contains more hands-on and information of situational training. After you complete your hours of practicum, you will have to come back for a refresher class, yes it free. That’s when you will fill out your contracts with SHEP.

**Must have valid and up to date car insurance
**Please bring photo ID with you.