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Pearl Pearson's Legal Story

  • Tulsa Community College 3727 East Apache Street Tulsa, OK, 74115 United States (map)

Something you do NOT want to miss! 
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Come and hear/see Pearl Pearson's Legal Story. Educational, informative and heartfelt. We will hear the frustrations, the struggles, strife and heartache. This legal story will educate us, to become better advocates, to know what to expect and what we can do to navigate the system. This story includes Pearl's words of what he went through from the moment the police pulled him over, his struggles and frustrations as well as the families and all they went through.

Thank you to the Pearson Family, for opening their hearts, and advocating/educating this forward. We know it's not easy, but we are thankful to them for their love of wanting others to understand the difficulties that can be faced in the reality of a legal system for a deaf person and their family.