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Deaf Blind Escape Cruise (DBEC 2)

When?: March 23 - 31, 2019 (Sat - Sun) Wow: 8 Nights Cruise / 4 Islands!!

The Host of this group is Kelly Monahan (Left).  She is DeafBlind herself.  She was the Host for DBEC in November 2016. She will be on the cruise again as your Host and make this a wonderful experience for you.  You can contact Kelly at

Brenda Roberts was Assistant Host with Kelly for DBEC in November 2016.   She will be Assistant Host again. She is DeafBlind as well.  She has been on many cruises and have familiarity about cruises to help make this a great vacation for all of you.  

It will be their (Kelly & Brenda) 2nd DBEC Group Cruise experience, so they will make it even better!! :) 

To reserve spot go to: