Children's Books in Braille for Deafblind Children

Children that are deafblind blind have dual sensory just like adults have.  It's important that deafblind children grow up embracing their differences and knowing that they are capable and able.  

Sight Hearing Encouragement Program now has a new sponsor who dedicates their time to writing books encouraging children to love their differences while embarking on a wonderful journey through literature.

Each person who is deaf-blind no matter their sensory, mental, and physical abilities, surely deserves the opportunity to become literate in the ways that they are capable.  Reading and writing are especially crucial for one whose world is narrowed because of vision and hearing losses. Literacy can enable such a person to exchange information and ideas, and develop relationships that would otherwise be out of reach.  Literacy also involves the use of language, even if the language is in print or in braille

Ms. Lala Books now is now working with SHEP to help improve deafblind children's literacy and are now available in braille! Buy purchasing or downloading her books a percentage of the sale now goes toward the Sight Hearing Encouragement Program and our effort in creating opportunities for that that are deafblind. 

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